Tuesday, September 16, 2008

78 Days: VETO WEBCAST @ 3?

SAC BEE CAPITOLAlert| September 16, 2008 - 1:25 PM

Schwarzenegger 'discusses' budget at 3 p.m.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has scheduled a 3 p.m. news conference at the Capitol to "discuss the budget" among increasing indications that he will veto the budget passed by the Legislature early this morning, setting up an override battle with lawmakers.

Schwarzenegger's office also distributed a compilation of news media criticism of the budget as an expedient plan that doesn't solve long-term budget problems - another indication that a veto is likely.

Meanwhile, Sen. Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto, the Senate's Republican leader, told a Los Angeles radio talk show that the Senate "most definitely" would override the GOP governor if he vetoes the budget.

"I believe that as a Legislature we'll override the veto,"  Cogdill said.

From the Governor's Press Office:Governor to Hold Capitol Press Conference Regarding the State Budget


9/16/2008 - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a press conference to discuss the state budget.
Watch the live webcast at 3:00 p.m.

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