Wednesday, September 10, 2008

72 Days w/o a Budget: HELLO, MY NAME IS _______________ -or- ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER FAILED BUDGET VOTE

Sac Bee Capitol Alert | September 10th

Assembly Democrats said no to the GOP budget proposal along party lines. Meanwhile, the state's revenues dipped below expectations in August.

After the vote, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger met separately with members of both the Assembly Democratic caucus and the Assembly Republican caucus.

Last week, Assembly GOP leader Mike Villines said, "Some of my guys want to meet him for the first time,"

He wasn't kidding.

Name tags were distributed for the GOP lawmakers before the governor's arrival.

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said her caucus' meeting with Schwarzenegger was "honest and frank," but that he needs to wrangle some GOP votes.

"The question remains on how the governor is going to get votes from his fellow Republicans in the Assembly so their budget blockade comes to an end,"

He could start by learning their names

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