Friday, November 20, 2009


Letters to the LA Times 11/20

Re “State facing $21-billion budget gap,” Nov. 18
While California drowns in nearly $21 billion of red ink, its educational system goes to hell and its tax base keeps shrinking as businesses flee, the morons who run this state busy themselves by regulating big-screen TVs.
As for Los Angeles County, its imbecile district attorney bathes himself in self-aggrandizement and political posturing over Roman Polanski -- a case that even the victim wants no part of -- and medical marijuana clinics while real crime festers.
Is it any wonder that the citizens have given up on the once-Golden State?
Michael Seawell
Santa Monica

The eighth-largest economy in the world, the once great state-nation -- California -- is being run like a banana republic.
In the words of Cicero: "O tempora! O mores!"

●●smf's Hollywood High School Latin pays off!: "Alas for the times and the manners!"

Pacific Palisades

The news doesn't get any better for education with the announcement that California is looking at a budget shortfall of more than $20 billion next year. The Los Angeles Unified School District has already cut teachers and support staff, increased class sizes and eliminated many vital programs. Now there is talk that employees are facing a pay cut as high as 12%. Still, educators will be required to increase test scores and improve student learning.
When will we realize you get what you pay for in life? If we continue to shortchange education, we will continue to shortchange our future.
Tom Iannucci
Los Angeles
The writer is assistant principal, Paul Revere Charter Middle School.

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