Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lead line in Tucson TV story about the Arizona state budget” "At least we're not as bad as California".


At least California's budget problems are worse


12 NOV -- How doses his grab you as a new state motto: "At least we're not as bad as California."

Don't like it?

Brace yourself: when it comes to state budget deficits, the motto fits.

A new pew center report labels our state's budget mess as second worst in the nation.

Arizona's budget is about two billion dollars in the red.

Homes are still being foreclosed, people still can't find work and the state is gasping for breath trying to find money.

Republican state representative frank antenori told us these problems were handed down by the former democratic governor.

"We had a governor who failed to realize the revenue was dropping. She continued to spend," Antenori said.

democratic state senator Linda Lopez agrees with antenori in one sense but disagrees on who's to blame.

There was no debate from either side on the pew study. Lopez and Antenori agreed that Arizona is in big trouble.

That means, more cuts are coming.

You can probably expect a tax increase too.

Antenori's plan would create a flat fee property tax.

Instead of determining the fee by a home's value.

"Some property taxpayers will see an increase in property tax. Some may see a decrease," Antenori said.

Lopez wants to help pass a one cent sales tax increase and also create a whole new tax.

So what does the governor think about all of this?

We called Jan Brewer and left a message. Our call was returned but we were told she wouldn't be available to talk to us today (Thursday)

That would still leave about $1.5 billion unaccounted for they would have to deal with when the regular session starts in January.

The Arizona legislature is expected to cut the budget deficit down by $500-million during a special session this month.

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