Wednesday, February 4, 2009

“I actually had a speech but then I said to myself, why am I giving a speech?”


      “So let me just quickly say that it is very important that we solve our $42 billion problem. This is a problem that is bigger than any problem we have ever had in this state and this is why we should not just approach it by coming up with certain solutions for this fiscal year and then solve, after the May Revise, the next fiscal year but to go and solve the whole $42 billion problem in one shot.

     “Now, what that means, basically, is we will be doing something historic because, as you know, in my State of the State Address I said that the legislators are always late with the budget and that I actually recommend that we should stop paying them for each day they are late and they go past the constitutional deadline and also stop paying and giving them per diem money. So now we have a situation where we actually have a chance to have a budget five months before the constitutional deadline and that's what I'm shooting for. Now, even though everyone says you're crazy and this will never happen but I never go and listen to those kinds of naysayers because I believe anything is possible.”

- Governor Arnold A. Schwarzenegger to the Sacramento Press Club 1/28/09

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