Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WE’RE BAAAAACK!……With the announcement of the Governor’s plan to reconvene the Lege on November fifth and his intention to cut the education budget, the A State without a Budget/A Government without a Clue 4LAKIDS BLOG ON THE STATE BUDGET MESS is back online ….after barely a month’s hiatus.


The dream of having “a budget system in place so that we don't have to argue about the budget all the time” … not working out.

  • With California's revenue plummeting, the governor says lawmakers will reconvene next week.
  • They will discuss solutions to the foreclosure crisis and an economic stimulus package.
  • Those solutions include immediate cuts in the range of $2 billion to $4 billion to public education .

So, to torture the illogic to its illogical extreme:  Shortchanging children and the future is the solution to the foreclosure crisis and will stimulate the economy?


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